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SoPure™ Lifestyle Range - Vanilla Essence Mosquito Mist 250ml
Travel & Leisure, For Kids, Household Collections
R 85.99

SoPure™ Lifestyle Range - Vanilla Essence Mosquito Mist 250ml


Enjoy sweet dreams with no interruptions with SoPure Vanilla Essence Mosquito Mist 250ml. Made from a 100% naturally powerful cleaning combination, this mosquito mist has a deliciously fresh smell of vanilla and is safe for the whole family including newborns. Perfect natural and safe mosquito repellent for travel, camping, gardening and outdoor activities. Best eco friendly insect repellent.




  • 250ml
  • Repels mosquitos and other winged insects
  • Hydrating and non-sticky
  • 100% non-toxic 
  • Gentle on babies and newborns
  • Pesticide and citronella-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Chemical and essential oil-free
  • Natural mosquito repellent for babies and the whole family